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03 Sep

I think I discovered it in the first wave -- this kid sent me a You Tube video.

And then there's Andy, who's the abstract dog creature.

He's more of the smart alec -- he's always rattling off jokes or playing pranks. But they're all just these nerdy guys that live together. Right, so I'm curious, obviously all these archetypes are really common and phenotypes that people can identify with..why do you think Pepe stood out to the Internet at large?

Or just saying a bunch of catchphrases like "Got milk? I paid some attention to it online, and it seems to have started with [this one comic I did] where he pulls his pants all the way down to go pee and one of the guys walks in on him and is like "Whoops." And then later on, Pepe and Landwolf are playing video games and Landwolf is like "Hey, heard you pulled your pants all the way down to go pee," and Pepe says "Feels good man" -- so somebody online cut up his face with the " Feels good man" phrase and people just started using that as a reaction to things on message boards and stuff.

" or "Just do it" -- all that stupid advertising stuff that gets programmed into your head from just living in this culture. So, "Just finished my exam today -- feels good man" or "Just had sex -- feels good man." So you could just use it as a visual response to things and I think it kind of like evolved from that.

” That music and that attitude touched some deep simmering well of cultural discontent -- be it lower class frustrations, dissatisfaction with consumer culture or some darker primal urge to burn everything down. For their 1978 tour of the United States, Mc Laren wasn’t interested in building a fan base. So the tour completely bypassed seemingly obvious tour stops, like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, in favor of places like Memphis, Tulsa and San Antonio – none of which were exactly hot beds for punk.A famous picture of the marquee of the Longhorn Balloon shows the Pistols listed alongside Merle Haggard, giving you a feel for just how weird this tour was.“You've got another five seconds,” he told Johnny Rotten and company. Though the band started out as an elaborate Situationist-inspired performance art piece dreamed up by megalomaniac manager Malcolm Mc Laren, they evolved beyond just being a stunt.