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09 Apr

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You could put your subject behind the glass and have a blurred background, too.

It’s meant to create the “moment three seconds before a female character appears” and has the three question marks in the top left “name” box to simulate that.

I used to make a lot of Shrinky Dink necklaces when I was a kid, and they were tight.

is a fan-made visual novel told from Ashley Graham’s perspective, tracing her adventure from kidnapping to crushing hard on Kennedy (and, surprise, some cultists).

It’d be cool for American vending machines too, but of course, our culture isn’t such that would really understand what they’re for.You could probably make your own by printing out your designs on Shrinky Disks too, but that’s if you really want to spend time doing so. While not always funny, and sometimes a bit juvenile and tone deaf (there are some uncomfortable innuendos about sliding a needle in slowly against Ashley’s will), it mostly feels like it's in the service of satire.

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